Should I buy a wedding album?

Should I buy a wedding album?

You might read a post by a photographer titled “should I buy a wedding album?” with some cynicism. Of course I want you to buy a wedding album! That’s how I make money, right? Well, partly I suppose, but in all honesty that’s not the main reason I want you to buy one. The fact is, your pictures look better in print, and of course I want you to be able to see and enjoy your wedding photos in the best way possible.

The fine art wedding album I provide is truly a thing of beauty and superb craftsmanship. These albums are handcrafted right here in the UK by one of the most highly-respected album suppliers in the game. With high quality pigment printing on matte finish fine art paper, the colour reproduction is unmatched, making your images sing.

The album also features lay-flat binding, meaning each spread has an almost invisible crease so you can have full-page spreads of your photos. The cover is made with the finest quality materials, with full-grain leather or vegan-friendly options available. You can view the huge range of colours and materials here.

Another reason I believe buying a wedding album is a great decision is the matter of protecting your investment. These fine art albums are created using archival-quality materials, meaning they will last a lifetime. They also provide a physical copy of your favourite images, which in the digital age we live is never a bad idea! If you consider the long-term implications of only having your images stored online, it’s actually quite a scary thought. We rely far too much on digital storage, and the amount we want to save only increases over time. What happens when a few generations down the line, your photos are discarded to make space for new ones? Or someone accidentally deletes them? Or a hard drive fails? At least with a wedding album you have something physical to pass down through generations of your family which says “this was us on one of the happiest days of our lives”.

If you’re thinking about including an album as part of your package, please get in touch to ask about your special package discount!

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