North East wedding photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne Andy Turner


Unposed wedding photography may not be the right option for some, but for others it could be just the ticket. The three things I hear most frequently from the couples who book me to photograph their weddings are;

  • They don’t like posing for photos
  • Their wedding day went by super fast
  • Of all their weddings photos, it’s the candid ones they love the most

So what if I told you that you don’t have to pose for any photos, you’ll have more time to spend with your family, and you’ll receive loads of beautiful, candid photos of you and your loved ones having an amazing time at your wedding?

unposed wedding photography
North East wedding photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne Andy Turner
Wedding at Le Petit Chateau in Otterburn by North East wedding photographer Andy Turner

Do you want to spend more time with me, or your family?

I photographed a wedding for a lovely couple once who told me prior to their big day that they had calculated how long they would get to talk to each guest at their wedding based on how much ‘down-time’ they would have. It was three minutes. Three minutes each to talk to people you may not have seen for years, and may not see again for years.

Obviously this is not a scientific experiment, and there are some people you will spend much longer talking to. But that also means there are others you will spend LESS time talking to. Hearing this made me more conscious of the impact of taking my couples away from their guests for photos. I spend way less time doing this than some photographers. However, if I still take you away for 20-30 mins for photos, and another 20-30 mins for group photos, that’s a big chunk of time you could use.

Is unposed wedding photography right for you?

Of course, many couples also say that it is actually quite nice to have some time for just each other, and to escape the craziness of the wedding for a short while. And others really value the stunning portraits they’ll have to put on the wall. If this is you, then maybe an entirely unposed wedding is not the right option. But if your priority is to have a relaxed, easy day in the company of your nearest and dearest while trusting me to capture those precious moments, it could be right up your street.

Capturing a wedding in this manner makes it an easier day for me as well as you. For that reason, I have made my candid only packages a considerable chunk cheaper. If you would like to find out more about my unposed wedding photography packages, please get in touch!

entirely unposed wedding photography
Best of 2023 Wedding and Engagement photography by North East photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne Andy Turner
documentary wedding photography

Zeynep + Matt

“The documentary-style photographs are just beautiful and it genuinely feels like we are reliving the day when we look through them”



Some of my favourite unposed wedding photos


Let’s DO THIS.

Drop me a message and find out more about my entirely unposed wedding photography packages.

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