Time for another in my “Why I Love This Photo” series of candid wedding photography images. This is actually from a few years ago and was taken at Wendy and Wayne’s vow renewal at Lumley Castle.

These two little ladies were stood watching the ceremony intently. I like to think they are daydreaming about what their future weddings might look like, although the reality could be that they are bored out of their minds and want to go home! Their expressions are quite enigmatic so either of those things could be true, but that is one of the reasons I like the photo. I also like the “side-story” of the woman in the background giving the guy next to her a furtive look. Is it a look of love, or is she giving him daggers?!

Candid wedding photography 001

It’s a photo which tells part of the story of the day, but also leaves a bit of room for the viewer to speculate about what else could be happening here. When photographing the ceremony it is always worth looking for reactions of guests, particularly children who often provide the best candid moments.

I chose a black and white conversion for this image, as I often do for candid wedding photos. The main reason in this case was to remove distracting elements such as the different colours of the guests’ clothing, keeping the attention firmly on the two girls and their faraway expressions.

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