fine art wedding album

What better way to enjoy your wedding images than in the pages of a top quality fine art wedding album? Think of the future generations of your family viewing your wedding images on a tablet or whatever piece of cutting edge technology our children’s children are using. It loses some of the romance, doesn’t it? Albums can be passed down through the generations in a physical way that no digital files can be, and become a true family heirloom worth investing in.

My fine art wedding album is a timeless classic, with lay-flat, seamless pages and a genuine leather or linen cover with a huge choice of colours. At 12×12″ and with 30 pages, the fine art wedding album offers plenty of room to showcase your favourite wedding images.

Printed on 310gsm cotton rag paper, images are rendered in glorious, vibrant colour and with full museum grade archive quality.

Available at the standalone price of £595.00, or also available as part of a great value coverage package, the fine art wedding album is a product that will gain in personal value over time and be a permanent reminder of one of the greatest days of your life.

Additional spreads are also available at £20.00 per spread to a maximum of 40 spreads (for those who really struggle to narrow down their selections!)

If you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation to your parents why not invest in a pair of down-sized duplicates of your main album? Two 8×8″ parent albums can be purchased along with your main album for only £495.00.